Children's Parties

With every party that UnbeLEEvable Entertainment provides the children are the real stars of the show. They make the magic happen by saying the magic words and helping perform the tricks. Throughout the show there will be lots of fun and interactive moments where the children are guaranteed to be shouting out, pointing, and laughing.

Every child is involved in the show however a few lucky children will be able to come up on stage and help Lee perform some tricks to win a prize. The Birthday child will be the main star of the show and will perform the main trick of the show and will be rewarded with a large advanced balloon model of their favourite character

We offer two different magic show party packages. These packages are recommended for children aged 4 and up.

Party Package 1

1 hour
  • - 10 mins warm up games
  • - 50 mins Magic Show
  • - Large balloon model for the birthday child
  • - Everyone that comes on stage to help during the show will receive a prize

Party Package 2

2 hours
  • - 50 mins of party games - none of the children are ever eliminated so everyone is involved at all times
  • - 20 mins break for the party food, singing happy birthday and presenting the birthday cake etc.
  • - 50 mins Magic Show
  • - Large balloon model for the birthday child
  • - Prizes for anyone that comes up on stage to help out during the show

Note: With both packages there is an option of ordering a small balloon model for each child at the party. We offer a basic menu and a more advanced menu of balloons you can choose from. Please ask me about this at the time of booking if this is something you would be interested in and we can discuss this further